About Us

Real-Time intelligence for water and waste water municipalities

Patent pending digital platform to mine data from sensors, scada, process equipment, distribution, collection systems and water meters to provide:

  • Operational Insights
  • Maintenance Insights
  • Capital Insights

Real-Time intelligence is provided across the entire life cycle of municipal water from raw water sourcing, transportation, treatment, potable water storage, pumping, distribution, storm water and sewage collection and distribution and waste water treatment.

For our first solution, pilots were completed in ten cities and six more underway. Upto 25% savings half of which are no cost low cost savings.

Our Team

Mahesh Lunani

Founder & CEO

Tackle big challenges by applying new technologies and new business models in mature industries

Cross Functional


Eclectic team composed of water science, data science, technology, government and policy



Founders of successful companies in technology, insurance, manufacturing, finance and information services

Our Mission

Empower municipal water and waste water departments and operators

Lower Cost

To source, treat, deliver
and recycle municipal water


To safe drinking water act
and peace of mind for citizens

Rates & Capital

Manage and justify rates
and capital investments

Knowledge retention

Seamless transition from
retiring to new generation

Product Features

Pre-defined analytical solutions with user defined features

Services Models

Flexible approach to accommodate water department needs and capabilities

Real-time intuitive dashboard configurable and simple to use

Water operators can discover and analyze using pre-defined widgets

Analytics-as-a-service with resources and technology on-demand


No hardware required to be installed

Equipment agnostic digital platform

Leverage existing scada/ infrastructure investments

Accommodates various sensor configuration

Monitor and analyze on any device

Applicable for large to small water utilities